Monday, October 31, 2005

Rush Holt

Yesterday I had an opportunity to meet some of the other bloggers at, where I am lucky enough to be labeled a "front page blogger" even though I haven't posted nearly enough there, during the liveblogging event with Representative Rush Holt, archived here and here. (If you haven't been to yet, please visit and read. Then, sign up and post. A lot of good writing is being done there on issues important to Our Fair State.)

I was thoroughly impressed with the congressman. He is clearly an intelligent man who is both well-spoken and personable. He has wonderful perspective and clearly cares for the issues about which he spoke. Read the posts, really. He was able to elaborate on each issue in person but the posts are the essence of the discussion.

He was very well aware that with such a large and spread-out district as he has, that electronic media such as blogging are excellent ways to be in communication with the people he represents. Unluckily for me, I am not in Rep. Holt's district.

His name has been tossed about as a possible nominee if/when Corzine leaves his senate seat to become governor. I believe he would be ideal. Even if that doesn't happen, I get the feeling that someday I'll get to vote for this man on a statewide ballot.

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