Thursday, October 20, 2005

They're getting desperate

The "swift-boating" of Jon Corzine has begun by the Republicans.

Money has begun to be shifted from losing candidate Rick "man-on-dog" Santorum to Our Fair State's Doug Forrester. According to Radar Magazine online,

Increasingly dubious about Santorum’s chances, Capitol Hill sources report GOP powerbrokers have refocused their attentions—and dollars—on Doug Forrester, a little-known party hack who’s currently embroiled in a dead heat race with multi-millionaire Democrat Jon Corzine for New Jersey’s governorship.
“The party is pouring millions of dollars in PAC money into Forrester’s coffers, but most of that money was previously earmarked for Rick,” reports a well-placed Republican senate staffer.

Forrester's folks have hired the same firm who produced the Kerry Swift Boat ads. Now, up on the campaign's web site is the lovely, inaccurate post entitled "Corzine’s approach to homeland security is going to get people killed." Inflamatory? Accusatory? Baseless? All hallmarks of the Forrester campaign so far, I should have expected no less.

jmelli over at has the full analysis. Go forth and read. It ain't pretty.

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