Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New poll and debate bits

From the Times of Trenton:
With Corzine, a U.S. senator since 2001, holding leads of about 6 points over Forrester in various polls, Forrester answered almost every question with a Corzine critique. He often cited Corzine's support for other Democrats who have controlled New Jersey government in the past four years.
Corzine paid less attention to Forrester and stuck mainly to promoting his initiatives, from property tax and ethics reform to making college and health care more affordable.
"I have a vision," Corzine said. "I have a series of plans, I have the integrity and competency to deliver on that."

Which is the same as it's been for a couple of months now: Jon Corzine has a vision for Our Fair State, while Forrester has a vision of himself as governor.

Sen. Corzine hit the magic 50% mark in the latest Quinnipiac poll, versus 43% for Forrester. 7% are undecided- meaning, statistically the the "third-party" candidates aren't even registering. Did you know there's a debate tomorrow featuring the candidates who qualified for matching funds, Independent Dr. Castillio and Libertarian Jeff Pawlowski? Do you care? Nah, me neither.

53% of voters felt both Corzine and Forrester were honest and trustworthy. Forrester was seen as able to do a better job at ending corruption than Corzine, 43% to 38%. Democrats are seen as more corrupt than Republicans, 50% to 22%. Mind you, the poll was taken before both the debate and the new Forrester corruption scandal Burlington county.

I wonder if the latest debate and scandal will shift those numbers any. Next debate featuring the major candidates: 11/5, on WNBC.

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Rob S. said...

You know, I just take it as a given that Republicans are corrupt. I just think it's part and parcel of the GOP machine. Repugs get no benefit of the doubt fromme. When given the choice between a Democrat (who I'll likely mostly agree with) or a Thief, I'll choose the Dem every time. It doesn't make a difference if I see eye-to-eye with the thief on this issue or that -- he's still a crook.