Saturday, October 29, 2005

Another creationism trial update

From the AP article, on CNN:

"Earlier in Thursday's court session, (former school board member William) Buckingham claimed he had been misquoted in stories from two newspapers that reported he advocated the teaching of creationism to counterbalance the biology textbook's material on evolution.
But the plaintiffs' lawyers confronted Buckingham with a 2004 interview he gave to WPMT-TV in York.
"It's OK to teach Darwin," he said in the interview, "but you have to balance it with something else, such as creationism."
Asked to explain in court, Buckingham said that he felt "ambushed" by the camera crew as he walked to his car.
"I had it in my mind to make sure not to talk about creationism. I had it on my mind. I was like a deer in the headlights. I misspoke," he said."

In other words, we mean creationism when we say intelligent design, but we know we aren't supposed to say it, but we should be excused when we make a mistake and use the wrong words?

The trial will go on for a while yet.

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