Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fleecing of Hamilton and NJ- Klockner Woods study delay

The study to determine how much of Klockner Woods is wetlands won't be ready until spring! So much for the one-month estimate. This delay would put the interest due to the develper at over $100,000 by the time the assessment is finished- over a quarter of the original cost ($375,000) that Fieldstone Development paid for the land four years ago, but only a pittance compared to the $4.1 million they expect to be paid for selling it back to Hamilton Twp. for preservation.

"My hope is that we are still going to be able to preserve Klockner Woods," said Mayor Glen Gilmore yesterday. "We have asked both the owner as well as the court to provide us with the additional time to conduct the study so that there are not any outstanding questions about the preservation effort." Gilmore said Fieldstone has yet to agree to waive the interest payments, which amount to about $27,000 per month.

And why should they? They've done quite well for themselves.

Gilmore also says he wants to be mindful of the 1500 petition-signing residents who want the land preserved. I think almost ALL the residents want this land preserved. We're angry about the exhorbitant price to which you agreed with almost no study.

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