Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Don't forget tonight's debate

NJ101.5 is holding a gubernatorial debate tonight at 7:30. You should listen to it, even if it's on the worst radio station in New Jersey.

The polls have the race closer than ever, with the Fairleigh Dickenson poll out today putting Corzine's lead at 8 points, and the WNBC/Marist Poll, released yesterday, putting Corzine ahead of Forrester 47% to 45%- a statistical tie.


Brenda said...

well I listened to the debate and even more so than ever.....I'm still on the fence. I didn't think either candidate won or lost tonight. I'd be interested in a recap and hearing what other people thought though.

DBK said...

If your issue is property taxes, Brenda, you should read what the Star Ledger and Bergen Record had to say about Forrester's plan. Thing is, Senator Corzine said to do that too. He did what I often do. I tell people not to listen to me, but go to objective, third-party sources and see what they have to say. The papers have not been good at debunking candidate remarks, but they do, on their editorial pages, clarify some things.

It was nice to meet more bloggers last night. I get a kick out of that for some reason.

Al Franken is shorter than he looks on the radio.

Sharon GR said...

Some time it's hard to find sources that are objective, unfortunately. But G.D.'s right, that's the best way to go. Try politicsnj.com also for some anaylsis.

I also recommend going to the candidate's web sites if you want to get a clearer handle on their positions about things. The hardest thing is weeding out all the negative that we get (from both sides) for what's real.