Sunday, October 02, 2005

Carnival of New Jersey Bloggers XX


Welcome to the Carnival! The tents are up, the weather is beautiful and we're glad you're here. Let's see what's going on in the blogosphere in Our Fair State this week.

Our Stories

Tata may have Poor Impulse Control but she is is done with dating. Greg Gethard wraps up his Amazing Coat Week with a tale of class, death and high school. Shamrocketship is having an happy Ordinary Day. MyManMisterC is convinced his name is cursed- but his fiance with her own name is still lucky . On "D"igital Breakfast, Thomas tells us how to buy a house in forclosure. The worst restaurant patron ever gets a mention by the Contrarian. Hondo at inadmissible Evidence got quite a scare from a hiding Pewter. Banned Book Week is being celebrated at Fausti's Book Quest. The One True Tami tells us about the recent visit of the Dalai Lama. GiggleChick recaps her HBO showcase and her mention in New York Magazine. Mamacita is already getting Katrina Spam. Danielle, Not Your Typical Jersey Girl, wants some workplace etiquette. Furey at Phily2Hoboken can't see you.

New Jersey

Dave at the Political Dogs talks taxes and wants Jon Corzine's face on the ten-dollar bill- or maybe the three-dollar. The latest poll was good news for Doug Forrester, says Roberto at Dynamobuzz. Blue Dog Howl discusses Forrester's comments about Corzine's endorsements. Rob at is thinking about the alternatives and wonders why is it always partisan? is sick of NJ's gun laws. Sloppydawg reminds us to watch our media about our media. Jim at Parkway Rest stop teaches us some Jerseyspeak.

Around Town

Feeling Stoopid is having none of the fried Oreos at the Westfield Town Fair. The Jersey City Artist's Studio Tour gets attention from Dojo Mojo. Today is the South Street Music Festival in Morristown and Jersey Days has the info. The Barista of Bloomfield Ave. has photo proof of the Sopranos crew's carelessness. Dojo Mojo found a fabulous car, but Kate at Katespot wonders what's with the fake bullet holes?

In The News

Media in Trouble is annoyed with Bill Kristol on Charlie Rose, but even more annoyed with Bob Ingle. Jane at Armies of Liberation has some good news with hope for a democratic Yemen. Professor Kim hails the life story and contributions of the late Federal Judge Constance Baker Motley. Karl discusses what President Bush states about progress in Iraq. Nordette discusses Bill Bennet's recent comments on Confessions of a Jersey Goddess. The Contrarian quizzes us to see if the waters of stupidity are receding. Bob at eCache calls the New York Times on their correction policy. In The Word Unheard, USMC_vet discusses the politics and analysis of Abu Azzim's position in alQaeda in Iraq. Jack at Jersey Perspective heard Sean Hannity when Tom DeLay was indicted this week. Some quick news takes are on tap at Coffegrounds. Fausta at the Bad Hair Blog tell us about Condaleezza Rice's speech at Princeton.


Steven over at the Opinion Mill is listening to some Bob Dylan this week, while Bob at The Rix Mix also weighs in after No Direction Home and Sluggo remembers how iconic and ambitious Dylan is. Janet of The Art of Getting By thinks Topher Grace has it over his remarkably similar contemporaries. Mister Snitch shows us both the $100 laptop and the very expensive lap. Rob tells us about the Small Press Expo at Laughing at the Pieces. Cripes, Suzette has a guest post who's bummed about how whiny the internet is. Andrew at Did I Say That Out Loud? remembers Rudolph's Coach Comet.


Some poetry to wrap us up: Haiku from the Down the Shore, and some Odes to Football from Riss's Tequila Shots for the Soul.

Thanks for visiting the Carnival! Next week it travels over to The Opinion Mill. You can submit posts during the week to See you there!


Dossy said...

Nicely done. I really like this format for the Carnival -- makes it much quicker to read.

Janet said...

Another great job...I'm getting increasingly nervous as my week to host approaches!

Kate said...

Looks great Sharon! Thanks!
: - )

Steven said...

Hats off, Sharon. And let me remind all the NJ bloggers out there that I'll be hosting the next carnival, so plase get your MRIs and tax returns to me pronto -- I'm planning something special!

Enlighten said...

Very well done, thanks.

Professor Kim said...

Mazel Tov, Sharon. Looks like lots of good stuff to read.

Nordette Adams said...

Wonderful job, Sharon. Looks great. I've got my reading spectacles on so I can settle down and take it in. :-)

Lady Ponchatrain Dreams She's Dying

Sluggo said...

I just came over to see what I'd missed. Great job, Sharon, especially coming off the bench. And thanks for grabbing my post even though I was gone.

DoJo Mojo said...

Awesome Carnival, Sharon!

Danielle said...

This is so cool! Thanks for the mention... Am off to make the rounds!

Fausta said...

Thank you Sharon!

tomwright said...

From one 'Adorable Little Rodent' to another, Good job!

jmelli said...

Excellent job, Sharon. Thanks!

Jim Online said...

Great carnival and nice collection of stories. These things make me forget about the roughness of life. Or should I say I fell like rejuvinated.