Monday, October 24, 2005

Go with the plain soap

Plain soap and water offer the same level of protection that antibacterial soaps do, according to an advisory panel to the FDA. They have found no added benefits to anti-bacterial soaps when compared to regular soap for handwashing.

Moreover, the anti-bacterial chemicals can contibute to the growth of bacteria which are resistant to antibiotics. The panel requested that the FDA evaluate the risks of these products versus the benefit (which they pretty much said was nil.)

This isn't really new news; this has been an assesment of these products for years. I've sought out non-antibacterial liquid soaps for some time, and it's getting harder and harder to find any. The anti-bacterial properties are touted so heavily in advertising that people are convinced they need them; but, we don't. It's nice to have a national body advising the FDA to reassess the use of these products in the home.


Rob said...

We've been using the Ivory liquid soap just fine, but it is getting harder to find. When I do get it, I buy a bulk of it, because the stores don't always have it.

I started carrying around Purell hand sanitizer at work because touching other people's PCs all day means I'm getting their crap on my hands all day.


Sluggo said...

There's only one soap that can clean these hands, Mister.


Bob the Corgi said...

Palmolive and Yardley still have plain bar soap.The dollar stores are your best bet for plain liquid soap. Failing that, I'd go with liquid dish detergetn although I am seeing anti-bacterial labels there, too.

MyManMisterC said...

They are worrying so much about soaps, yet try to give the FDA the right to regualte cigarettes and everyone freaks!!!

Brenda said...

OMG! - you should see the commment I just put on Robs blog post then I came over here. Talk about an eye popper. Boy did I ever hit the nail on the head. LOL It's too funny.

Jeri said...

I'm glad this is finally coming out, but it seems kind of a "No Duh" issue to me. I hope it means the non-AB soap will be easier to find. FWIW, I use SoftSoap's moisturizing aloe vera liquid soap. It doesn't turn my hands into lizard skin in the winter like regular soap.

I hate the way that anti-bacterial stuff smells. My boss has it at her house, and my hands reek of it for the rest of the day.

The worst part, though, is the way it just makes bacteria stronger, so when people use it, they're potentially hurting all of us.

Then again, most Americans don't believe in natural selection, anyway. (If only natural selection would select against people who didn't believe in it.)

afterhours said...

I've been using just plain soap from for years -- avoiding fragrances and colorants. Their plain soap doesn't make the men smell fru-fru, and it keeps the fragrance-related hives away.