Saturday, October 22, 2005


See, over there, on the right, where I have my short description? I said: "Baker, Brewer, Home Owner, Parent, Pet Owner, Reader, Spouse. (That's alphabetical, fans and friends, not in order of importance.)"

Here's the thing: I hadn't brewed in the last six months. Unless you count tea, that is.

So today, lousy wet ugly Saturday that it is, we went to The Brewer's Apprentice in Freehold, got ingredients for two batches, and we're brewing. It smells great in here- that wonderful, warm, malty-hoppy scent that comes from an hour of boiling wort (unfermented beer.) We'll pitch the yeast tonight, rack to secondary in two weeks and let lager for a while, bottle, then three weeks after that we'll have nice fresh beer!

No, it's not a quick process. But it's worth it.

Right now I'm enjoying a homebrewed IPA that is aging beautifully; the hops and oak are outstanding. Had a stout last night that never carbonated as we'd like but great flavor. We're making a pilsner today that I have faith will be a great batch.

All the other titles in my self-description I handle on (almost) a daily basis. Today, I am embracing Brewer once again.

"Relax, have a homebrew!" -Charlie Papazian


DBK said...

A fried of mine once tried his hand at homebrew. He made two batches. They were tasty, but I think he found the satisfaction too much work to achieve. So brew on, Sharon GR! I'm not a big beer drinker, but I'll think of you the next time I do quaff a brew.

Sharon GR said...

We've been homebrewers for at least 12 years. It is a lot of work, but I've always enjoyed it.

On a good note, Brewer's Apprentice seems to be here to stay. We used to visit homebrew supply shops in Red Bank, Highland Park, Hamilton, and Princeton that have all folded over the years. More folks get stuff over the internet, but we truly enjoy supporting the local businessman. Plus, there's nothing like another brewer for advice and understanding.

DBK said...

I know what you mean about local shops. My wife and I both try to support local stores. We even go into the bagel store with the worst bagels because we like the owner and want him to stick around.

Brenda said...

"...with the worst bagels..."
man that is dedication.

Chris A. said...

Mmmm... boiling wort...

Sharon GR said...

Um... "wort" is the name for unfermented beer. Did I forget to mention that?

Media In Trouble said...

I am also a homebrewer Sharon and I can't believe you didn't brew for such a long time. I am hooked, I currently have a Belgian Wit fermenting, and have a Belgian Tripple in the bottle waiting for the proper aging time to drink.

I brew about twice monthly.

good to know another brewer blogger!