Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Debate video

ABC local WPVI has tonight's debate on their website here. If, like me, you had things to do between 7-8PM, here's your opportunity to see it.


Brenda said...

I watched part of the debate yesterday. I was hoping you might have some additional insight on all of the finger pointing etc. I know you were too busy babysitting all day though. I will say that the two independent candidates were weak. I really wanted to choke that guy from the Libertarian Party. That guy had some nerve to get on television and just hammer and blame and completely disrepect departments agencys and programs. I don't think he said one positive thing or actually offered a single idea in the way of resolution. I give that guy the big "L"

Sharon GR said...

ojI haven't seen it yet. I've been busy and haven't made the time, I admit it.

The article in the Times was none too happy with the independents' performance either. It stated that they spent most of the night arguing that we should pay more attention to third-party candidates. I guess from your assessment, they didn't give a reason why.