Tuesday, November 01, 2005

No justice in fashion

Driving through Freehold today, I spotted a fashionable young couple walking down the street.

The girl had on cropped short jeans, very tight, low-rise hip huggers. She wore a short shirt so her belly would show, and one of these currently popular little sweater things which only covers the top half of the back. She was completely in the current style; it looked like she'd bought clothes two sizes two small and then shrunk them in the dryer.

The young man was also dressed entirely in the latest fashions. He had on an extremely oversized hoodie sweatshirt that hung to his knees, and baggy XXL cargo pants which hung off him and pooled at the ankles. A family of four could have made clothes out of the fabric in his outfit and still had leftovers.

There is no justice in fashion.

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