Thursday, November 10, 2005

Senator Boss?

Will Bunch in the Daily News has a suggestion:

The Democrats need someone with a name even more magical to New Jersey voters than Kean, who would draw thousands of normally disaffected and alienated voters out to the polls. An outsider who would shake up a corrupt and contented New Jersey Democratic Party and shake up folks on Capital Hill, as well.

Jon Corzine needs to appoint Bruce Springsteen to the United States Senate.

I don’t think the Dem’s list of candidates is as bleak as Bunch makes it sound, but I can’t say I’d be sorry to see the Boss enter the political arena as more than a commentator. (I would prefer if Senator wasn't an entry-level position, but whaddyagonna do?) I’d just be wary about a backlash if he gets in via an appointment – it might seem like he’s afraid to run on his own merits.

I also worry about hearing “Born to Run” until my eyes bleed.



Rob said...

I don't think Bruce has any desire to ge into politics. He seems happy enough as a musician/activist. Peter Garrett (from Midnight Oil) he's not.

By the way - did you know Bruce stopped by 90.5 the Night a couple weeks back during their pledge drive? It was apparently unannounced even to station staff. According to Jeff Raspe, he didn't even want to plug anything, just wanted to show his appreciation and support for the station.


Rob S. said...

You're probably right, Rob. And thanks for that story about 90.5 -- it's one of my favorite radio stations, and I hadn't heard that.