Saturday, November 05, 2005

I get searches

Right now, my most common search terms are "Jon Corzine's life and background" and "biography of doug forrester." Sorry, folks, I'm not your source for their histories. I think I can tell their futures, though, plus or minus 5 points. (Their campaign web sites are linked from the sidebar, if you want more information. Vote Corzine, and thanks for stopping by.)

I've also had several searches in the recent past on Jeffery Pawlowski. The problem here is, his name is Jeffrey, not Jeffery. I misspelled his name in a post in September; if you search on the misspelling I'm right near the top. Sorry, dyslexic Libertarians, I'm no help to you either. Try his web site.

On a side note, I propose we all start a new habit. If you comment on a post that's more than a week old, please mention which post it is in the comment. I got a comment this morning on a post that was rather old, and it takes a while to hunt it down.


roberto said...

My number one Google search term is "Carla Katz" and lots of Google image searches for Carla Katz photos. I scanned the front page Star-Ledger photo of Carla, the one with her in a pants suit leaning against a brick wall, and it's the first photo when you do a Google image search. Show's you what people are really interested in, right??

Sharon GR said...

I got some searches for Carla Katz too. I think I've barely mentioned her, only once that I found.

DBK said...

If you google "doug forrester positions", I'm fourth from the top.

I love that people looking for Forrester's positions on the issues come to my site and find me saying that he is all attack and no positions.

The number one site for that search is the Corzine web site, by the way, and that is also the top site through X places if you search for "jon corzine positions".

That's what I have been saying throughout the campaign: Corzine was all about policy and ideas and forrester was all about attacking Corzine.

DBK said...

And Roberto, that's what bugs me. That's why I was writing about Forrester's web site being all about attacking Corzine. I honestly, truly wanted to know where Forrester stood on the issues. It took months for him to say on most positions, while Corzine had positions sorted out. Then Forrester, even when he had positions on issues, was still all about attacking Corzine. I was truly disgusted.

I'm pretty much a liberal, though I am very much a fiscal conservative, and I have many times supported the old model of Rockefeller Republican. I would support one still if he existed. Forrester had a chance to portray himself that way, but he turned out to be a Rove Republican, and that makes me want to puke.

You could have had a noisy liberal in your camp, Roberto. Instead, Forrester drove me away by hiding from issues and running the nastiest campaign I have ever seen in New Jersey. Forrester supports a lot of the same positions as I support: medical marijuana, lowering property taxes, embryonic stem cell research (though he took a long time to come to that position and I don't know that he is sincere about it), but his campaign has left me doubting his sincerity and his integrity. The fact that he let his people run Joanne Corzine's remarks after saying he wouldn't do that screams that he lacks integrity.

I know you're committed to him at this point, but I can't see why when you take all that into consideration.

Sharon GR said...


Anonymous said...

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