Monday, November 14, 2005

Still waiting on the 12th.

From (sidebar):
In the 12th district Assembly race, Republicans say that Declan O'Scanlon leads
Michael Panter by 69 votes and Democrats say that O'Scanlon's lead is 12
votes. From the GOP campaign: "We want to keep you up to date with
the election results. As you know our race was extremely close!
Jennifer (Beck) won by enough votes to ensure her victory and we are excited to
announce that she will be working on all our behalf in Trenton. We are
still awaiting final results for Declan. As it stands now Declan is ahead
by between 69 to 107 votes (out of over 60,000 votes cast!). We are still
waiting for the provisional ballots to be counted and for final tally
certification, all of which should happen by Tuesday."

Hopefully tomorrow the provisional ballots will be finished and we'll know who both of the Assemblyfolk from the 12th are.

Now, there's talk that State Senator Ellen Karcher from the 12th may just be on the list for potential Senate nomination by Governor Corzine. Could be a total shake-up for the 12th.

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