Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mercer County steps up, too

The Times of Trenton reported today that the Mercer County Freeholders passed a resolution last night to extend health coverage and pension benefits to cover same-sex domestic partners. County Executive Brian Hughes saw the storm brewing in Ocean County (over a police officer with a terminal illness whose request to leave her pension benefit to her legal domestic partner was denied,) and wanted to avoid ever having a similar scandal in Mercer.

Domestic partnerships which are registered with the state are eligible, as are partnerships certified from other states.

One more step in the right direction! Now, if only Ocean would do the right thing...

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Sluggo said...

Denying domestic partners death benefits is foolish and wrong and counterproductive. Anyone who contracts their life away obviously needs compensation for the possibility of divorce. Benefits are are a reward for productivity and loyalty. Why you would hire someone and yet care so little about pissing them off and destabilizing their home life is a mystery.