Thursday, November 03, 2005

So what?

In case you've been out of Our Fair State for the last day, I'll update the gubernatorial race news for you.

Jon Corzine's ex-wife isn't supporting him.

I'm shocked! Really shocked! Everyone I ever knew who got divorced has remained supportive of one another! Right? Right??

Sarcasm aside, I think Joanne Corzine has every right to say what she wants. I can't imagine (and never anticipate having to find out) what it feels like to end a 33 year marriage. She may have seen all sorts of changes in her former spouse and have bitterness toward him. She's perfectly entitled to her feelings and shouldn't be expected to be silent just because her ex-husband is running for governor.

Is it news? Hardly.

Should it be touted by the Forrester camp? Hell, no.

Is that the last-ditch effort of a losing campaign? Sure looks like it.

Does it matter in the least? Nope.


DBK said...

These revelations have been planned for the entire year. Notice that Forrester has been periodically bringing up his marriage throughout the year? Read the Joanne COrzine quotes: some of it reads like a campaign worker wrote it.

Sharon GR said...

The first time I saw the Andrea Forrester ad, I commented that a main reason for trotting her out was to highlight Corzine's divorce status. Little did we know it would get worse.

Rob S. said...

I hadn't seen the original Forrester ad, but when I first read the text of it it sure seemed like a none-too-subtle dig. This is just the other shoe dropping.

Wotta creep.

Louise said...

My reaction was, "So what?" as well. I'm voting for a Governor, not a husband. I love my husband wholeheartedly, and think he's absolutely the right person to spend my life with - but I'd never want him to be Governor of New Jersey.