Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Panter and Morgan

Today, the Times of Trenton came out in support of Democratic incumbents Dr. Robert Morgan and Michael Panter. The 12th LD used to be Republican and of course the GOP wants it back, making this a race where there’s some money and time being spent.

I count myself among the lucky who have Panter and Morgan as representatives in the Assembly. They are primary sponsors (along with John Rooney) of the Assembly bill to repeal the Fast Track development law, which let developers rush through developments before all issues are studied. They support consolidation of small school districts, a move that has potential for actual property tax relief for some residents of Our Fair State. They have a true interest in reform of campaign financing.

Right now one of their opponents, Jennifer Beck, is fighting off a rather odd accusation of lobbying against Holocaust reparations. as well as accusations that she lobbied against drunk driving laws. Re-reading these accusations, I doubt they will stick and are simply examples of that attention to this district that I mentioned. Mud is being thrown back at Panter and Morgan, with nothing substantial there either. I can’t tell you how much mail advertising I get in a week from both sets of candidates trying to contradict each other.

The thing is, Beck and running mate Declan O’Scanlon may have had a chance if they weren’t running against Panter and Morgan. The Times calls Beck and O’Scanlon “attractive and knowledgeable challengers,” and they have the endorsement of the Asbury Park Press. Panter and Morgan are simply examples of what we want in our Assembly, and if we could get more like them, we’d see some changes in Our Fair State.

Undoubtedly, the Times is backing the right set of candidates.

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