Tuesday, November 15, 2005

By One Vote- Update on the 12th LD

According to Politicsnj.com, Assemblyman Michael Panter has defeated challenger Declan O'Scanlon by one vote once all the provisional ballots in both Monmouth and Mercer county were counted.

Don't expect that this is over; There will almost certainly be a recount and a court battle. Keep your fingers crossed for Michael Panter.

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Rob S. said...

Holy smokes! This is a perfect opportunity for everyone who decided not to vote that day to kick themselves.

As well they should.

Sharon GR said...

Ain't that the truth?

michele said...

new update...

"In Mercer County, GOP County Clerk Cathy DiCostanoz trails Democrat Paula Sollami Covello by 230 votes with only fifteen provisional ballots still uncounted. ** One ballot is from Hightstown, which could affect the 12th district race.**" (11/15/05)

what happens if they tie??

DBK said...

Ties go to the runner, don't they?

Sharon GR said...

Wow, Michelle, that's a damn good question. First we go to the recount and the lawsuit, no matter what this will get a recount, then I wonder what happens. A quick google search didn't turn up anything relavant. I'll keep looking- if anyone hears anything, let us know!

Sharon GR said...

I've asked a few folks who are somewhat well-versed in NJ politics if they know what happens if there's a tie. So far, we have:

A. Lots of lawyers file lots of lawsuits
B. A tie goes to the runner
C. Attack a neutral party, the American thing to do

In other words, they were no help at all. I don't know if there's an official answer or not, and will keep looking.

Unofficially? It's letter A. Oh yes, it's letter A.