Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I discovered yesterday that I was being slammed by another NJ blogger for not having blogged about the riots in France.

No, I'm not making that up. I don't think I could have made that up.

I'm in good company, too. The Opinion Mill, Sloppydawg, Xpatriated Texan, Bluejersey.net (where I also am fortunate enough to blog,) and big guys like Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Big Brass Blog- we were all dissed. I nearly choked on my Freedom Fries.

An interesting point about this: the post has been changed. It was also wrong in that some of the blogs in question had posted on the riots, especially Daily Kos. Yesterday Bluejersey.net was listed but today it seems to be gone, and the Kos posts which someone listed in the comments are now integrated. Every time I've checked it, the comments have been changed and mostly deleted. Can't have dissenters now, can we?

There are two main reasons why I haven't blogged about riots in France:

1. Anyone read the name of the blog? It's the Center of NJ Life, not Central France Life. There's a big thing going on today in Our Fair State and I've been a little focused on that. Vive New Jersey! Vive Jon Corzine!

2. I don't have much to say that hasn't already been said. What did he want me to say? Is he angry because I haven't adopted a stance contrary to his own? As Steve Hart at The Opinion Mill said:
As for me, I'm an old school type who likes to read up on something, think about it and make sure I know what I'm talking about before I post something. And since I write a blog and not a newspaper of record, I find that if I don't have anything of value to add, I'll post about something else. This is obviously an alien way of behaving for somebody like Snitch, but I'm always amazed at the ability of winger bloggers to start instantly foaming at the mouth en masse on a selected topic.

In conclusion, I hope the riots in France end soon. Thanks for listening.


Rob said...

I just posted a dissenting comment, let's see if Mr. Snitch approves it.

The fact that he has set up comment approval right there says it all. Most of us leave our comments open and enjoy a good debate.

The guy is just plain wrong for calling you and the others out like that - especially if he's not going to allow you to respond directly on his blog.


Steven Hart said...

Just remember, you can't spell "snitch" without "snit."

A Hoboken friend who's had his own encounters with Snitcheroonie called him "the David Horowitz of the blog world." Couldn't have put it better myself.

Nothing like ridiculing a wingerblogger to pass the time while waiting for election returns.

Rob S. said...

I just read Rob's "edited" comment to Snitch. What a coward he is.

A Christian Prophet said...

The Holy Spirit told us of Corzine's victory a couple days ago, which I guess wasn't too much of a prophecy. But congrats!

Rob said...

Yes, he edited my comments quite vigorously, and so what was posted was out of context.

I posted another set of comments about how his editing of them was basically unfair, and I got an email back about basically how it's his blog, his rules, and if I didn't like them I could go elsewhere.

He also doesn't approve anyone's comments who does not have their email address listed, or their Blogger profile public.

Ah well...not worth the energy.


Sharon GR said...

I'm not even going to comment on his site. I posted my comment here, where it would remain unedited and available for all. He's got the right to say what he wants to say and wear blinders to the rest; I've got the right to criticize him for it.

I've never taken down an actual comment (I took down two that were spam, before I enabled the word verification.) I won't. It's an obnoxious thing to do and shows that the blogger is not open to hearing anything but what they want to hear. Sounds like a really closed-minded way to live.