Saturday, September 30, 2006

Divided Country, Unified Government

So, given the power of the Bully Pulpit, I’m answering Bob’s comment down below with a full-blown post.

Of course Clinton knew it was coming. You don’t walk into the lion’s den without expecting to get bitten. And as Clinton said in the interview, it’s a legitimate question. But the timing of the question was in violation of their agreement (first half on the CGI, second half on other issues), and the phrasing of the question (“people have been emailing us, so we’ve gotta ask”) was the standard cowardly Fox M.O. for broadcasting something that they don’t want to explicity say themselves. (It’s astonishing how often they use this tactic – watch Outfoxed.)

Yes, Clinton should be held accountable for his actions as president. But George Bush should be held accountable for his inaction – his lazy, head-in-the-sand, brush-clearing, gross negligence – in completely ignoring Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida until he murdered three thousand of our citizens while Bush struggled through a children’s book. And Bush needs to be held accountable for making every step this country has taken since, with the exception of the invasion of Afghanistan, a step in the wrong direction. And there’s not one branch of the government with the power or the will to hold him accountable for any of that.

We do live in a divided country, Bob. I only wish our government reflected it and fought over these issues with the contentious tenacity that people display on message boards rather than accepting them with the singlemindedness with which it embraces every new nightmare conjured up by this treacherous crew.

We need a change in government. George W. Bush is at the wheel of this car. We need someone else at the brakes.



Donna said...

It's so easy to express yourself on the internet, isn't it? Let me ask you..Have you ever been in politics? Professionally? Have you ever worked at the White House? It's easy to say what you say if you have no background whatsoever as a frame of reference. There is no president in the history this nation who had "their head in the sand". Impossible. A little respect for having achieved the position might give you a more accurate understanding of how things work there.
So, let me ask you. How are things at home? Is your household run well? Are your loved ones praising you for a job well done?
Hope so. But, judging by your tone I rather doubt it. Handle things at home and when you perfect that, maybe you'll be ready for the next step. Which is 1000 steps below White House material.

Sharon GR said...

Um, Donna, thanks for your comment. You did see that this was three years ago, right?

Sharon GR said...

And while this was a guest post- I didn't write it- that's only apparent in the fact that it's well written. I support what the author said.

Sharon GR said...

How do you PRETEND to know how he's running his life and home by the "tone" of his post?

I've known Rob for decades. He's doing just fine with handling things at home. I bet his spouse does praise him. He's done just fine with his own life, thank you very much.

How dare you turn his political comment into a comment on his personal life? The utter nerve. If you have something insightful or important to add to the discourse here, that's great. If you want to decide that other people's personal lives aren't up to your standards because they disagree with you politically, keep your stupid, judgemental mouth shut and mind your own damn business.

Rob S. said...

And as the author of this guest post, let me thank you, time-traveler, for reminding me that there are still people out there willing to defend the worst president in our nation's history by using strange, ad hominem attacks about my home life. ("Are my loved ones praising me for a job well done?" Seriously? Am I to assume that your loved ones do that all the time, putting up portraits of you in every corner of the house like one of Saddam Hussein's palaces?)

Here's the rule, Donna: If I can't criticize a president because I've never been president myself, you can't defend him for the same reason.

Anyhow, as official ambassador of the year 2009, welcome! We have iPhones now, and you've made it here in time to catch the last season of Lost!