Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Fleecing of Hamilton and NJ-"Like a bad marriage"

From today's Times of Trenton:

HAMILTON -- Like a bad marriage, the GOP-controlled council is seeking to have the township's purchase of the plot known as Klockner Woods annulled because the three Republican councilmen say it violates state contract laws.
In a memo to township Business Administrator John Mason, Councilman David Kenny, who is a former municipal attorney, said the $4.1 million contract to purchase the 51-acre property is not valid because the money was never appropriated by the township council.
Kenny cites state law as well as case law that requires the governing body to appropriate money for any purchase and asks that the administration attempt to void the purchase completed in 2005.
"Accordingly, it is my view that (township attorney Paul) Adezio should file a motion with the court to set aside or vacate the judgment as it is void and in violation of the law," the memo said.

Nice try. Think it'll stick?

Hamilton Twp. is, of course, paying interest on the money it is not paying to Fieldstone Associates while it balks at honoring the horrendously overpriced deal it made. So far the interest has amounted to $330,000- almost as much as Fieldstone paid for the property when it bought it from Hamilton 2001. If this hold on another couple months, Fieldstone breaks even, regardless of whether Hamilton can pull an annulment.

No matter what, this property should be preserved wetland, but we shouldn't all have to pay through the nose like this for it.

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