Thursday, September 21, 2006

Full articles on the Kean JUNIOR Troll story

The New York Times
The Star-Ledger

Am glad that the Star-Ledger mentioned what the XT's original post was about: the fact that the Kean JUNIOR campaign is basically making up a scandal to smear Menendez:

The posts challenged a story by one of the site's 10 contributors in which a former House ethics lawyer, Ellen Weintraub, appeared to corroborate Menendez's claim that he got verbal clearance in 1994 to rent a property to a nonprofit agency he helped to win millions in federal funding.

I wish they'd mentioned it earlier in the article, and explained what XT found in the article- evidence reported in 1996 that Menendez had sought- and recieved- confirmation from a House Ethics lawyer that his renting of real estate to a non-profit did not violate confilct-of-interest laws.

The Kean JUNIOR folks are hoping that manufacturing a scandal smearing Menenedez will help them translate a slim lead into a win in November. Um, yeah- blowing up a ridiculously minor issue, being outed on it, then getting your press person's name in the paper as being deceptive- Good move!

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