Friday, September 01, 2006

Central NJ gas price watch Wrap-Up

Ok! All summer, I've been periodically posting the gas prices around Central NJ as I've seen them. Based on my completely unscientific survey, here's what we've learned:

  • Predictions of $3.00+ gas by Labor Day were way off the mark. June and May averages were $2.89, July average was $3.00, August average was $2.83. Today, I saw $2.65 a couple places as we head into the holiday weekend. It was an arc, and prices now lower here in Central NJ than they were at Memorial day.
  • Keep your eyes open. Several times there were widely different prices very close to each other.
  • Bob told us about this survey of NJ gas prices, and Jack informed us of this little gadget, both of which would have saved me a lot of time scribbling on scraps of paper at stop lights.
  • Don't buy gas at Quaker Bridge Rd. and Sloan Ave. Yikes! Completely out of whack with local prices.

As gas prices fall again, folks will gripe a little less. We'll continue our Great American Love affair with the automobile and not change in the slightest our driving habits, our vehicle-purchasing trends, or our fascination with exurban enclaves which create vicious commutes.

At least, not until the next spike in gas prices comes along.

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