Friday, September 29, 2006


If you haven't seen Kieth Olbermann's special commentary about Clinton's Fox News interview, you'll want to.

Dead-on, as usual.



Bob said...

We truly live in a divided country.

Do you truly believe that Chris Wallace "ambushed" Clinton? Chris Wallace? If so, then this is the greatest sandbag since Michael Corleone went to the restaurant.

It sounds like Olbermann believes Karl Rove has orchestrated the ABC show and the Wallace interview.

Once again, Mr. Clinton is not held accountable for his actions.

Sadly, we are indeed living in two different worlds. I am sorry for that Rob as we should not be this contentious within our own borders.

Jeri said...

Actually, I think the contention is a good thing. If we were all united, of one mind, with no disagreement--hmm, countries get in trouble when that happens. They start invading other nations to impose their Will to Power, and eventually they overextend themselves financially, militarily, and diplomatically. Then they collapse.

The Soviet Union was unified. So was Nazi Germany. Our diversity makes us stronger, not weaker.