Tuesday, September 12, 2006

TITMT: What'shisface

Janet's Tell it to Me Tuesday question is:
Today I want to hear about the actors who are your favorite little known gems. You know, the type that you love to see in a movie, but from time to time even you have to look up their names?

John Cazale is the the actor who played Fredo in the best movies ever, The Godfather and Godfather II. He was only in five feature films- all of which were nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. Al Pacino called him his "acting partner," with whom he could have acted his entire life. When he was acting in the Deer Hunter, he became weak from bone cancer, but his fiance Meryl Streep threatened to quit if he was fired; he made it through filming and died shortly after. He died far too young.

In the spirit of Lazy Linkin' Tuesday, here's Andrew post (and the reason I know most of this,) the Story of John Cazale, from April.


InterstellarLass said...

I was flipping channels last weekend and Dog Day Afternoon was on. I stopped to watch it for a minute, and I suddenly realized "Hey! It's Fredo!" as Al's accomplice. I didn't realize he had passed. He was a great actor.

Janet said...

I didnt know he died. He's an excellent example of an actor you dont think much of. In this case, who knew what he would have done if he had lived.

Natsthename said...

He did die too young!