Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sex, Death and the Spirit

Dove, Torch. Nicole Maynard, 2005, oil on panel.

The artist Nicole Maynard is having a solo show at the Bowery Gallery. (Warning- link is not family-friendly!) Nicole is formerly of Central NJ and used to teach at Brookdale College and the Printmaking Council of NJ, as well as Lafayette College in Easton, PA.

The show is a combination of politics, religion, sex and death- not your typical landscape painting exhibition. It makes you think, wonder, and occasionally gasp. She's an impressive artist and this is a show not to be missed.

Some of the work in the show is in her online gallery, but seeing them in thumbnails simply doesn't compare to seeing them in full scale. If you will be in the city or are willing to make the trip, go see this show.

The Bowery Gallery is located at 530 West 25th Street (4th Floor) New York, NY. The show is hanging now and runs through Sept. 30th, with the opening reception this weekend on Saturday afternoon.

*The artist gave me permission to use Dove, Torch because I asked nicely. Please ask before you reprint it, too. Thanks!

Update 9/12: Nicole Maynard has started a blog: Art Weekly.

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