Sunday, October 01, 2006

Down So Low

For all my low opinion of Republican politicians, I'm genuinely shocked that some of them, including the House Speaker Dennis Hastert (IL) and Majority Leader John Boehner (Ohio), as well as the Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee Tom Reynolds (NY), have been covering up for a sexual predator. Not in a million years would I have expected them to do this. Oh, and let's throw in Reps. Rodney Alexander (LA) and John Shimkus (IL), making it an even five congressman involved in this coverup.

That's beyond unreal. And beyond vile.



Bob said...

Wow! You do paint a broad stroke, Rob. Let's see, because of the corruption of Menendez, McGreevey, Lynch, etc., is it okay to dismiss all Democrats?

So much for political discussion. And, you should get your facts correct. The issue at hand is not pedophilia at all.

Rob S. said...

You're right, Bob; I changed it to be more specific. And it sounds sooo much better now, let me tell ya.

And you're right about pedophilia too; I hadn't realized the distinction. Maybe Hastert et. al. should go on the talk shows and explain to everyone "We were only helping a sexual predator get reelected; it's not like he's a pedophile." That'll work.