Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tell it to her Tuesday- embarrasingly short edition

As we might have guessed, Janet's TITMT question is, "What are your favorite bands or artists of today?"

These days being AiP (After iPod) as well as having kids around a lot, I listen to even less current music than I did before. I only have a few from the current decade:

Gorillaz: When I first got the iPod, I bought exactly two songs: 19/2000 and Clint Eastwood. Not long after that, Feel Good Inc. hit the radio, and I recieved both Gorillaz CDs in my stocking this past Christmas. I love 'em both. The videos for the songs are worth seeking out, too. Bonus- Rise of the Ogre comes out next week!

Foo Fighters: we already talked about them. I saw them live last year and it was one kick-ass show.

Cake: already talked about them too. I saw them live about two years ago; also an excellent show.

That's about it. I might add more later if it comes to me, but I'm afraid I just don't listen to too much radio these days. Why bother when I can pick what I like?

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Janet said...

See the artists you listed I would technically count as nineties artists. I guess it all depends on when you discovered them.:)