Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Who needs $250?

Silly question, we all could use it. But, Bret Schundler and Steve Lonegan are giving it away!

Bret offered $250 to anyone who "can prove that someone, anyone, in New Jersey history ever raised property taxes faster than Doug Forrester when he was mayor of West Windsor." (I offer Christie Whitman, for cutting state taxes and consequentially benefits to towns and schools so much that property taxes have skyrocketed across the state ever since, but I don't think he'd buy it.)

Lonegan countered with his offer, $250 to anyone who can show him a mayor "with a better record of controlling spending, reducing debt and keeping taxes below inflation" than himself. (Not being familiar with all of Our Fair State's recent mayors, no one comes to mind quickly, but I'm sure with a little research it could be found.)

Corzine is the lucky one in this scenerio. No, he doesn't get the $250, but he doesn't need it either. Not having a real primary contender, he's outlining his health care plan and looking like a leader, not a campaign trickster. I love that his health care plan includes the ban on smoking inpublic places. His plan looks good at the outset, except one thing- forcing insurance companies to allow parents to cover children up to 30 years of age? Nope, sorry. That's just silly. Through college, or maybe age 25, or required if the child is disabled, ok. But 30? I sure hope not to be responsible for my kids health insurance, or anything else of theirs for that matter, at age 30. Where did he come up with that?

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