Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hey! Look what we found.

They've found the money!!

The Assembly Dems. found close to $445 mil in cuts they want to make. Add that to the $500mil unexpected revenue this year, they are close to the $1.1 bil needed to reinstate the ridiculous property tax rebate programs.

We knew this would happen, that going into an election the majority party would do anything to take credit for sending out checks this summer. Don't get me wrong, make the cuts! Anything that can be slashed should be. But please, don't keep borrowing my money to send it back. Get rid of the silly programs.

$445mil won't even come close to closing the $4bil hole in the budget. And, the State Treasurer John McCormack has warned repeatedly not to count on unexpected revenue. Certainly, any unexpected revenue should go toward the deficit. But, I'm repeating myself. Maybe if we say it over and over, someone will hear.

Time to write more letters...

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