Thursday, May 05, 2005

Next Lawsuit Update

They can't print ballots for the primary in Bergen and Gloucester county, because everyone's waiting to see if the state Supreme Court will step in or not. Steve Kornacki ( said it well:

The meaning and significance of virtually everything that has happened in the last week is in dispute, deemed either earth-shatteringly critical or as ho-hum as a round of golf, depending on which campaign is talking.
Read one way, the increasingly complex legal battle is simply a matter of two candidates— Doug Forrester and John Murphy— seeking to have a 24-year-old state law, which has been both applied and ignored over the years, enforced in two counties.
Read differently, it's an ironic and potentially campaign-altering battle between Doug Forrester and the county bosses whose support he's depending on.

Even with the negative spin on the lawsuit, Forrester is beating Schundler in the latest poll of likely voters, 42%-34%. Seems like the Republicans are falling into the same trap in NJ that the Dems ran into nationwide in the presidential election- driving to the middle because the candidate there is "electable." Hmm.

Corzine won his ballot challenge too. That was really for the local party candidates, though.

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