Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Battle of the Multi-Millionaires

Doug Forrester says if he wins the nomination, he'll fund his campaign out of his own pocket. Rick England (from the campaign) says, "Doug will self-fund against Corzine's Democrat machine because he believes this election should be about the ideas that are best for New Jersey, not the size of anyone's wallet."

Huh. I wonder, can you get elected in NJ without a sizeable wallet nowadays? Bret Schundler certainly wants to know. It seems lately that it's all about the size of the wallet.

Corzine said he'd spend his only own money too, doesn't plan on spending public money. Of course, Forrester will accept public money IF Corzine does. But that would mean agreeing to spending limits, which the candidates certainly don't want to do. (Especially if the other candidate won't be limiting his spending.)

Forrester has outspent Schundler vastly for the primary so far, but leading only a little in the polls (here and here.) I've seen billboard ads for Forrester but not a thing for Schundler. (Then again, I'm not represenative of likely Republican voters, because I'm not a registered party member nor have we been watching TV.)

Here's the rub: Corzine's leading them both. It's narrowing but he still is ahead.

PS- I hope you voted if you had to yesterday. I was supposed to go to a school board meeting but I had an allergy attack instead. The fun of living in Central NJ in spring is: Tree Pollen!

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