Thursday, May 19, 2005

The mud starts flying

Well, it's been flying for a while, but the primary's been such a snoozer that it barely if all made the papers. I didn't even watch the debate Tuesday, I wonder how many people did. But, we're getting closer now so the heavy hitters have started with the slams.

Forrester is lying about 'his' property tax plan, says Schundler. It will do nothing to stop property taxes, and if he goes into the general election because of it, his credibility will be suspect! He's also lying about his time as West Windsor mayor, when property taxes, spending and debt went up!

Schundler is such a liar, says Forrester, that we can pick his top ten. He lied about increasing payroll taxes while mayor of Jersey City! He increased taxes, too! He lied about supporting the hockey arena!

The Quinnipiac poll says Forrester is still ahead. But it's not a landslide. I'm sure he's disappointed- he spent a lot of money so far, and he's barely beat the margin of error. That's not a good sign.

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