Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pete Vincelli gets my vote!

Did I mention what a snooze the GOP primary is? Well, here's the proof!

42% of Republican voters couldn't name a single candidate.
Only 54% had even seen a candidate ad.
17% of voters had paid "a lot" of attention.
Lastly, my favorite- Pete Vincelli had better name recognition than Todd Caliguire. There is no candidate "Pete Vincelli"; he's the father of one of the pollsters. They made him up. Ouch.

But, it still looks like it's Forrester beating Schundler, with an approval of 58% v. 48%. Unfortunately for the GOP, the poll shows Corzine 42% v. Forrester %29. If it's Schundler, it's 42% v. 24%.

(Thanks to Dynamobuzz for bringing this to my attention.)

Update @ 10:21PM: This didn't take long.


PapaGoose said...

They should have used a obviously fictitious name like Dick Hurtz or Luke Warm, Johnny Comelately or Bill Ofsale.

I can't see Caliguire without thinking of Caligula. Now that would be an administration rocked by scandal.

Andrew said...

Have you seen Caliquire? He's scary looking, even in his official headshot. He could double for Lurch in the Addams Family movies.

Pete Vincelli said...

Thanks for the vote.
Pete Vincelli (really).