Friday, May 13, 2005

Good for Caliguire

The two worst radio personalities I've ever had to hear, Carton and Rossi, hosted a GOP gubernatorial debate yesterday on their horrid radio show on NJ101.whine. Bergen County Freeholder/gubernatorial candidate Todd Caliguire declined to participate. So did Robert Schroeder, but he came up with some scheduling excuse, so he gets less of my respect than Caliguire.

"The Republican candidates' willingness to appear on this program creates the impression that they accept the station's defense of the hosts' racist comments as 'entertainment.' That they continue to use this show as a vehicle to get out their message reflects poorly on the integrity of their campaigns. I applaud the fact that one candidate in the GOP Primary contest has refused to compromise his core values by declining to appear on a show hosted by those who would engage in an on-air racist diatribe. I only wish all the Republican candidates would demonstrate the same kind of dedication to the principles of racial understanding and tolerance that help make America great." -- Rep. Steve Rothman (05/12/05) (

I'm sure everyone remembers the trouble these hosts caused when they visciously attacked Mary Jane Codey and the other sufferers of post-partum depression. If not, you must remember when they insulted Asian-Americans. Those are two of the most recent, public attrocities these guys have committed.

Surprisingly, Carton behaved, and an intelligent discourse on the issues ensued, just like the other debates and forums being held. I'm sure most of the usual Carton and Rossi listeners didn't expect that. Steve Kornacki in the above-linked article states that "The Jersey Guys audience— indeed, that of every talk show on 101.5— is dominated by people who are likely to vote in the GOP primary." If he's right, I hope they listened to the debate of issues, instead of turning it off when they didn't hear racial epithets and insults.

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