Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ya mean, families might want those houses?

Washington Twp. (Mercer County) was shocked to find that their school enrollment increased so much this year:
WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP -- In light of an unanticipated boost in kindergarten enrollment, school officials are dipping deeper into the district's budget and leasing two modular trailers.
While preliminary projections last year indicated that 22 more kindergartners would attend Sharon School in 2006-07, recent figures suggest that number will triple, said Superintendent John Szabo.

Washington (also known as Robbinsville) was already well on the way to learning that unrestrained residential growth also means unrestrained spending on schools and infrastructure. This is just one more step on that learning curve.

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Janet said...

I interviewed in Wash Twsp a few years ago and have an acquaintance who works there. I was surprised to hear how uptight and over involved some of the parents can be there. Dont ask me why.