Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Princeton Hospital

The University Medical Center at Princeton has proposed moving out of Princeton proper and to Plainsboro, to the FMC property on Rt. 1. The plan is to break ground in 2007.

I sure hope they do it.

Yesterday I got to spend some time at the hospital's ER (everyone's fine now, thanks.) Every process was painfully slow- more so than I've ever seen at other ERs. The building is old, outdated and unnecessarily complicated. The parking sucks, what there is of it. There's no room to make any improvements or expand, both of which are sorely needed.

The population of Central New Jersey is expanding rapidly and the hospital has not been able to keep up with it. It should be moved.


Honest Abe said...

Were you a patient of Dr. House? LOL

Sharon GR said...

I've gotten several searches that led people to this post, so I wanted to make sure I was clear here:

The nurses were very nice. The doctor was great. The radiology technicians were experienced. It's the facility that I disliked.

Sharon GR said...


The facility has been approved by the state, now on to the town.