Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I get searches- you get answers

'S always fun to look at recent search terms that have led folks to this blog. Here are some of the more interesting:

"something really really fun to do in south jersey today"- Boy, I could write a book on that one. There are lots of choices, but it depends on your idea of fun. The entire shore, Wharton State forest, Atsion Lake, Atlantic City, Flying Fish brewery tours, among others- here's a whole list of family fun options, too.

""Afghan Kebab House #7" nj"= Rob mentioned this in a guest post over a year ago, and I still often get folks looking for it. The restaruant has no web site of its own, but I found a review site. I've yet to go there but it's clearly pretty popular.

"scams to play on people"- um, I'm not going to be much help on this one. Thanks for visiting!

"gas stations in central nj"- I guess all my Central NJ gas price watches have led folks here for that. I'll be wrapping that up at the end of summer. I also got an isolated search for "gas price watch NH" - I've only done one of those and it was a month and a half ago.

"how to write a letter to my congressman in new jersey"- ahhh, this is my favorite. Write to your Congressman! Start here, and follow the drop-down menu to NJ, and enter your zip code. It's easy! Your congresscritter should hear from you often.

Speaking of talking to your lawmakers, the Special Session on Property Tax reform is underway in Our Fair State, and they want to hear from you. Go and let the committees know what is important to you.

I haven't gotten any searches lately looking for Carol Gay. Carol is running in the 4th against Representative Chris Smith (who doesn't 'represent' me to speak of.) I talked to Carol for a Blue Jersey podcast and I was thoroughly impressed. Go Carol!


DBK said...

You wouldn't believe how many people show up searching for a review of "Gaebel's in New Brunswick". I wrote a review of the place around two years ago and it is the only in-depth review of the place I can find on the Internet myself. I get 4 or 5 a week on that one. Not a huge crowd, but enough to make it significant to a small site. I got so many I felt compelled to go back and update the review because the place had gone downhill severely the last two times Mrs DBK and I were there. I couldn't be kind, I am afraid, but I was totally honest. I also had to say that we hadn't been there in a while when I re-reviewed it because, well, it wasn't that good anymore so we didn't go back. Also, the menu got boring very quickly.

By the way, in New Brunswick, consistent excellence can be found at Clydz for about the same price as at Gaebel's. Food-Excellent. Service-Excellent. Decor-Livable, but uninspiring. General atmosphere-Pleasant, and much better since, whenever they did it, they decided to reduce the number of tables, thereby giving you a little elbow room. Menu-Interesting, and includes things like kangaroo and ostrich, as well as a half-dozen varieties of oysters, in season. Come to think of it, we aren't in season, but they had oysters. I guess it is safe these days to eat them in a month with no "R" in it.

Sharon GR said...

I've been to Clydz and liked it; it was a few years ago tho. I hear great things about State Left, but have yet to go.

Be careful with the oysters this year. It's not good news.