Sunday, August 06, 2006

Interview with Carol Gay

The latest Blue Jersey podcast (and my very first one!) is an interview with Carol Gay, who is running to represent the 4th Congressional District.

Carol is an amazing woman with a long history of activism, leadership and support of human rights. She came into this race quite suddenly but has hit the ground running. She is very passionate about ending the war in Iraq:

"I was just talking to people at the Ocean County Fair, the Monmouth County Fair, the Burlington County Fair, and people inevitably said, "Yes, we need to bring our troops home. Bring them home now." And they want them brought home safely."

She is also dedicated to rescuing American workers from the failed policies of the Bush administration, which her opponent Chris Smith has been supporting.

"Medicare part D needs to be scrapped. Scrapped, start over! ... The Medicare part D is not working. It's a disaster. It is costing seniors far too much money."

Listen now by clicking here.- or, subscribe to the Blue Jersey podcast.

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Christian Ready said...

I fired up the bluejersey podcast on my way into the office this morning. Imagine my surprise to hear my dear friend Sharon conducting the interview! Great job, Sharon. I hope you'll do some more!

Chris A. said...

Very nice! As good as it is, this whets the appetite to hear Sharon interview the opposition candidate (which I realize may be a long shot via bluejersey).

I'm with Christian -- looking forward to more.

Rob S. said...

Great job, Sharon -- a really nice interview. I'm just sorry I can't vote for her.