Monday, August 14, 2006

Follow-up to the Beach Condos

I posted about Last Rides at Funtown Pier a couple weeks ago. Seems Seaside Park is considering turing a charming, classic NJ pier and boardwalk into a condo development.

Following up on that, this weekend, I visited Pier Village in Long Branch, a site where they tore out the somewhat dated, run-down and old real estate around the former pier area to make a new, really upscale boardwalk area loaded with condos.

My impression? Eh.

Long Branch did what it had to do, I understand that. The area was getting run down and since they are competing with all the other shore towns for your vacation and day-trip buck, they had to do something drastic to create attraction. It's clearly a winner, too; it was crazy crowded, even well into the evening on a Sunday.

I mean, it's nice- in a generic, plastic sort of chain-store way. Where there once was character, there now is style, and they're not the same thing.

Progress marches on, but I'll be a little sad for the passing of the old boardwalks. The ones made out of boards, not plastic.


The Contrarian said...

Long Branch and Seaside Park are two different cases. The former amusement pier at Long Branch was rebuilt and then destroyed by a devastating fire in the late 1980s. It never really recovered.

Seaside Park's Funtown Pier is a thriving, family friendly amusement area surrounded by a whole sundry assortment of boardwalk honkytonk. Will the millionaires who call the Seaside Park condos home like to look out on guidos throwing up outside the Sawmill at 2 a.m. on a summer Saturday morning?

Sharon GR said...

I wonder how "thriving" the pier is if the condo opportunity is getting a serious look. It is for that that I am waxing nostalgic, mostly.

Seaside and Long Branch are very different, of course, but I'm sure the Long Branch development is the type of thing that Seaside would like to have instead of Funtown- shiny new cookie-cutter upscale development.

rastashore said...

Anything new about the proposed development? FunTown Pier has a banner posted stating that it's here to stay despite what's been talked about. Any word?

Sharon GR said...

I have nothing official, ratashore. I can't find anything in the news or on their website stating that.


I have heard from a friend of a friend that the condo development deal got shot down. The sign you saw seems to show that, too. When I can confirm, I'll post on it. Thanks for visiting.