Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tell it to her Tuesday

Janet at The Art of Getting By has a feature called "Tell it to me Tuesday" which is quite popular. This week's question- "What are some songs you can listen to over and over?"

I can get sick of anything if it gets overplayed enough. But, songs currently in heavy rotation on my iPod qualify, I guess, so here goes:
Feel Good Inc., Clint Eastwood, 19-2000- Gorillaz
Strange Ways- Moby (the one from the Bourne movies, only Moby song I own)
Santa Monica- Everclear
Dog Train- Blues Traveler
And, every time it comes on the radio, Shaft- Issac Hayes.

What are yours?


Janet said...

I'm so happy people are playing along!

On a different note...Shaft? Really?:)

Scott Roche said...

Shaft's a pretty good R&B choice really. I can dig it. ;-)