Monday, August 21, 2006

We're number one! Oh... wait...

New Jersey leads the nation in political double-dipping

In Our Fair State, it's tradition to hold several gvt. jobs. Look at Charlie Epps:

Double-dippers are unlikely to be able to give sufficient time and attention to one or both of their public jobs. Assemblyman Charles Epps Jr. (D-Hudson), spends at least two days of most weeks at the State House, which is time when he's not back home superintending Jersey City's troubled school district, for which he receives $210,520 a year. In 2003, Assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer (R-Ocean) triple-dipped as a legislator, mayor and Ocean County employee.

How do these people sleep at night? Better still, why are we still electing them or letting them hold two jobs? Better still, anyone know where I can get a job that pays $210K a year and lets me show up only three days a week?

This kind of BS would put them in jail in Indiana.

Assemblyman Michael Panter has sponsored A524, which would prohibit legislators from holding another public office. He sponsored it in 2004 too, where it did exactly what it'll do this time- dead stall in the Assembly State Government Committee. I can only hope he'll propose it again and again until it gets passed.

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