Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Influence for sale!

The candidate for governor from the Libertarian Party, Jeffery Pawlowoski, has found a new way to get publicity and donations for his campaign. Pawlowoski is selling certificates of influence on eBay.

I found the Governor's vacation home visit a real bargain; it sounds like a nice camper, with popouts! But maybe it would be more advantageous to be a Mercer County Prosecuter. It says I can work on my golf game and line my wallet at the same time! Nothing says I have to be an attorney or anything, just be the highest bidder. Or there's the Wine Advisory Council job- all I'd have to do is shut down the council, only takes two days. Maybe I'll get that one for my husband for Christmas.

Points to the Libertarians for this one. Very clever way to get publicity, Mr. Pawlowoski.

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