Saturday, August 27, 2005

No shoes, meet No feet.

Remember the adage about complaining that you have no shoes, then meeting a man with no feet?

I'm home with the Happy Hopper this weekend. Happy Hopper is my greyhound named Summer who lost a leg last week to cancer. She's doing fairly well, and we hope for continued improvement. She's a happy dog who is learning to walk on three legs, hence she quickly was nicknamed the Happy Hoppy Dog.

Anyway, not ten minutes ago I took the Happy Hopper on a very short walk down my street when I ran into a new neighbor with whom I'd barely made an aquainance. Summer hops over and I introduce her and give the quick version of her story, only to find out my new neighbor lost his leg due to cancer 5 years ago.

It's awful to have this fear for my beloved dog, but at least she's not a beloved spouse and parent of two.

My neighbor learned to walk just fine. I think the Happy Hopper will be ok.

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