Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It's always the yoga, isn't it?

Martha Stewart gets three extra weeks for leaving her house during her house arrest. Apparently, she didn't know she can get yoga DVDs via Netflix so she left the house to go to class. Went for a drive, too.

We'll all just have to wait three extra weeks for the next phase of Martha's Big Comeback. I'll order some yoga DVDs to pass the time.


Tata said...

Have you tried Cindy Lee's "Yoga In A Box"? I use a combination of the beginner and intermediate levels.

What yoga DVDs do you use?

Sharon GR said...

I have to admit, I've yet to try it. I do a lot of excercise DVDs at home, particularly The Firm series, and I'm killing my knees. Always helps to vary it a little.

If Yoga in a Box is a good one to start with, maybe I should begin there?

Tata said...

I'd start with a real teacher at first and they're everywhere! The reason is that when you're doing yoga at home alone, you'll want to know your alignment is good and beneficial, not bad and injurious. My yoga teacher in Somerset sells the YiaB series.
Kim is a genius.