Saturday, August 27, 2005

I finally committed

I haven't been committed, silly; I committed for the gubernatorial election. I have a Jon Corzine sign in my yard, and I'll put a banner up here on the Center of NJ Life too.

It was never a question of if I would vote for him; I certainly will. Actively supporting a candidate and simply voting for him/her are two very different things. I just crossed the line to active support, albeit with trepidation.

I'm upset about a few things, such as his stance on Petty's Island and the appearance of a Norcross connection, and the lack of true property tax reform plans. But I appreciate that Corzine has a vision for Our Fair State, whereas Forrester only has a vision of himself as governor.

I'll still be as critical and sarcastic as ever. I think criticism is a necessary tool to view our politicians truthfully, and I think sarcasm is needed whenever we talk politics because I like sarcasm. But now, I will say it:

Vote Corzine.

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