Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sharon's Birthday Blogging Bash!

Happy birthday to me. Here's what I wrote today, something for everyone, condensed into handy index format:

Bike Helmet Laws!
Miss America!
It's not so bad!
I can't f*ckin' beleive he said that!
Petty's Island update!
Nat'l Geographic on this hurricane!
Took the Corzine plunge!
Support our vets and soldiers!
Gas prices and alternatives!

I finally caught up on my blogging. Now, it's time for bed.


Janet said...

You blogged for yourself as a birthday present? What a novel idea...oh and with all this writing talk lately the novel bit was not a pun intended.:)

Thanks for your advice though!

Kate said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Sharon GR said...


I had the day all to myself, I'm still stuck in the house with the Happy Hoppy dog while the family is away visiting relatives. Sunday, I read an entire novel, and no one immediately said "Mommy?" when I sat down! That was fun too. And, very novel.

Jack said...

Happy Birthday, a few days late. Where in New Jersey do you live?

- Jersey Perspective

Bob the Corgi said...

happy birthday, pussycat. sorry I wasn't around to say it on the day itself.

Ken said...

happy belated birthday!

The One True Tami said...

I'm even LATER with my belated birthday wishes!

Happy belated birthday, Sharon!

Sharon GR said...

Thanks, everybody.

Where am I in Our Fair State? Well, conveniently, this week's Carnival has a map of either blogging locations or locations specific to the post. I'm right near the center of the state, and you can zoom in; but if you zoom in enough it looks like I blog at the post office. Not quite.:)

Janet said...

Well whatever makes you happy..hope it was a good one.:)

Tata said...

Dahhhhhhhhhhhling, Happy Belated Birthday.

What novel? Did I miss that detail in the hubbub?

DBK said...

My apologies for missing this. Belated happy birthday to you.

Jeri said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a relaxing weekend and Happy Hoppy is doing well.