Thursday, August 25, 2005

Real Life intrudes on the Center of NJ Life

Whenever I see something on which I want to comment in this here blog, I tear it out of the newspaper or magazine I'm reading and put it next to my computer. Or, if I heard it on the radio, I write it on scrap paper to leave here.

I have a big stack next to the keyboard, and I just can't get to it all now.

What have I been doing? Well, our tripod greyhound came home from the vetrinary hospital for the second time on Wednesday. I rushed her back there again today with wound issues but she was able to come back home. She's in a lot of pain and her wound is still seeping, but she's home and that's for the best. I've been helping a three-legged dog to walk and making sure she's not licking, bleeding, or in intense pain for the past few days. Plus all my regular stuff to do- blogging became a distant last on my list of priorities.

But I hope to catch up.

This weekend- a beautiful, end-of-summer weekend- I'll be stuck in my house with no family, a sick dog and a laptop. If you're around, stop by. I hope to make a dent in the stack.


DBK said...

I've seen three-legged dogs get around pretty good. My good wishes to the pup for a speedy recovery.

Sharon GR said...

Thanks, GD. She's doing as well as I could possibly expect. Probably the fact that she doesn't understand it all only helps; she isn't sitting there thinking that she's disabled. She just wants to go for a walk and eat biscuits, and is trying hard to do just that.