Thursday, August 04, 2005

Carnival Avatar

Enlighten-NJ has come up with avatars for the last several Carnival of NJ Bloggers hosts. I just love mine.

Still time to get your entries in, folks! We still have room under the big tent! Send your entry to


Sluggo said...

Very elegant looking. That'll look great on the coffee cups and tee-shirts.

Rob said...

You should use that in your header as a permanent logo. Ask Andrew to help you change some of the colors of the site to match it, and you'll have a really unique looking blog!


The One True Tami said...

Or me, I'd be happy to help you if you want to change things up on your template.

On another note, can I ask you to help me pick what post of mine goes in the Carnival this week? I kinda like all of them equally.

Media In Trouble said...

My entry

Its about the asbury park press
I appreciate your time and attention to the post. Hopefully it is carnival material!

Andrew said...

Actually Rob, she's been showing me how to do stuff. She pointed me at the MyStats site. And a quick comparison of her numbers to mine shows she's got things pretty well in hand.

PapaGoose said...

Great logo. You just need to color the hair yellow and put a black tee-shirt underneath (Sorry, just time warped back to college for a second).

I meant to send you my post about the Delsea Drive-In for the Carnival, but we were away since Thursday in Hersheypark. Oh well,