Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina Blog Relief Day

Today, several hundred bloggers (probably by the time you read this it will be over a thousand) are banding together in a Blog relief effort. The idea is to post a charity which is working for Katrina relief, donate, and urge your readers to donate to it also. This effort is being organized by The Truth Laid Bear and Instapundit.

My charity is:

Habitat for Humanity

Once the initial shock and clean-up are over, thousands of people will have lost their homes. Habitat for Humanity has spent 30 years helping the homeless and poor of our world into homes. Their experience will be needed in the Gulf states to move storm victims as quickly as possible into new residences.

Keep hoping for the best.


DBK said...

Great charity. I always respected them. Many people don't realize that the people who move into the H for H homes have to pay and have to agree to live in the house for a certain amount of time without selling it. Some folks think people get something for nothing with H for H, but that's not the case.

Sharon GR said...

The folks who are helped by HH have to put in "sweat equity" too, working several hundred hours building their own or someone else's home. They then buy the homes at cost, with HH financing a no-interest loan.

It's a hand up, not a handout. I have always respected them too, and that's why I wanted to support them here. The Red Cross and Catholic Charities will (and should) get a great deal of the nation's donations today for relief efforts, but HH will help the people in the gulf states for years to come.